Ali starts us off being confused about modern music. Having no clue what the difference between a DJ and music producer is, he leads us down a rabbit hole before Diz pulls us back with a rundown of the Super Bowl. We talk about what we each saw while Vy gives us a break down of the halftime show and the controversies around Justin Timberlake and Prince. Finally we break down our favorite trailers with nod to Australia and Dundee. We talk about what we saw in the Avengers: Infinity War trailer and some predictions. We discuss the Han Solo movie and its connections to the Star Wars extended universe as well as what we were most excited about and hesitant about. Glover’s Lando was a plus for us all while Aldrich’s Solo was a bit of a point of worry. We close out with a discussion about Disney’s milking of the Star Wars franchise and the horrible decision of bringing on Weiss and Benioff given their mangling of Game of Thrones.