Time to dig deep in our political podcast. We start with a discussion of a conspiracy theories in light of Bo Dalls on Talk is Jericho. We talk about hollow earth, lizard people, the Illuminati, and why people believe in conspiracy theories. We link this with fake news and the nature of technology. We eventually talk some nerd news with the press release of Amazon’s upcoming series, “Black America.” Seemingly designed as a response to HBO’s “Confederate” the show has been in the work for over a year and we talk about it’s timing, reparations, and history. Finally in political news we discuss the hiring and firing of cartoon character Scaramucci who screwed up his marriage and his child’s birth only to get tossed out. We also focus on the massive legislative embarrassment that has been Trumpcare/healthcare. Finally we talk, politicon and its higlight debates featuring woke bae, Ana Kasparian, Ann Coulter, and Tomi Lahren.