In a heavy media-oriented episode we discuss the Emmy’s with the appearance of Sean Spicer. We discuss how establishment and institutional inclination is to always normalized. We talk about the cozy relationship between media and politics, despite when they are apparently at odds. We explore the problems with lack of accountability and our frustration with how individuals who should be ashamed to show their face for the culpability in oppression and the like are somehow given vaunted positions. We continue our discussion of the Emmy’s by talking about representation and what it means to be a “first” anything as in the case of Riz Ahmed. This leads us to discussions of identity politics, its history, its successes, and its short-comings. We talk about representations of mental illness with our discussion of the new show “Good Doctor” and the comparison of how autism is depicted in Abed of Community and Sheldon from Big Band Theory. This leads us to the bad portrayal we see in comic books like Batman and finally we conclude with a discussion on animation in general and the return of Young Justice. We lament the loss of more serious animated series and analyze why Young Justice was cancelled in the first place.