It’s a weird one. We start this podcast envisioning a future Diz that’s decided to become a health nut. We wonder how his Orange Country life would turn him into a topknot-wearing, yoga-doing, crystal-loving, werido. This leads us to talk about the theme of 2017 which seems to be self-ownage. We talk about Project Veritas and their attempted undercover operation that backfired massively. In their attempt to expose the Washington Post they ended up reaffirming the high standard’s of the Post’s investigative journalism. It was the self-own of the year. This leads us to talk about another self-own from an anti-LGBTQ hate group. Finally we end with Marvel’s Runaways. We review the series and why it is striking a chord with views. We discuss its potential, the ability to speak to a new generation, and our hopes for the comic book pantheon of superheroes going forward.