About the Podcast

Currently Nerdy is a podcast developed in 2013 by Ali A. Olomi, Dawoud Waziri (Diz), and Vy Tran. The podcast focuses on nerd interests and covers a vast array of topics from current events, news, politics, sex, academia, and comic books and so much more. Self-described as the product of what happens in a conversation between a know-it-all genius scholar, a bartending anthropology major, and an alcoholic community college student with a magnificent beard, Currently Nerdy has something to offer to everybody.

A little crazy, always entertaining, and almost never appropriate or politically-correct, Currently Nerdy offers something for the nerd in us all.

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About the Hosts

Ali A. Olomi is the academic nerd in the group. He graduated with a degree in History from UCLA with high marks.  A graduate student pursuing his doctorate in the cultural, intellectual, and religious history of the ancient Mediterranean, Ali A. Olomi is an avid reader, a prolific writer and researcher, and frequently lectures around the country on various topics ranging from ancient history to current Middle Eastern affairs. In addition to his superior intellect and charm, his overall dashing looks are bringing sexy back to academia. Whether he is discussing the resolution to the crisis of the Middle East, or extolling the virtues of the intellectual life, he makes being a nerd look oh so good. He spends his time reading voraciously, writing irrepressibly, debating fiercely, and championing sexy nerd women everywhere bravely.

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Diz in his own words, “Majestic beard are the first couple of words that come to mind when I think of myself, that and epitome of awesomeness. Let’s face it I am an enigma and I’m using cool words to make myself sound cooler when in reality I’m a sports junkie and a bit of a nerd. I often rant about the Dallas Cowboys and the WWE two of my most favorite things in the world, I tend to make light of everything, like the  great Abraham Lincoln said “Don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never make it out alive”, actually Lincoln never said that, but then again you can’t verify that, unless you’re a time traveler, in which case contact me immediately so we can go raise havoc and cause mischief throughout some centuries. Dammit! I’m getting off topic! Wait what was I supposed to be doing again?”

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Vy Tran grew up in Orange County California and has his B.A. in Anthropology from California State University, Fullerton. His interest in culture has brought him to 26 different countries and 5 Continents; he has survived robberies, raging bulls, and political uprisings.  He also enjoys comic books, mixed martial arts, cooking, and art. His favorite comic books currently are: Uncanny X-force, Lucifer, Transmetropolitan, Fables, and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Currently working as a bartender he is making a study of the drinking culture while helping mankind drink their sorrows away.

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